Veteran's Day Holiday

Veteran's Day is Wednesday November 11. Monday class will meet as usual and Wednesday's class will be on Tuesday the 10th.

Classes are ongoing over ZOOM

Class attendance is being taken in the chat during the ZOOM meeting. You must sign in at the beginning and again at the end of class.

Only 4 unexcused absences allowed per semester. More than 4 will result in being summoned to appear before the CW sub committee, which may result in being removed from the program.

Do not miss class.

Missed Class?

If you missed class on Monday, you can make it up on Wednesday. Missed Wednesday? Make it up the following Monday. As always, text or email me to let me know what's going on.

Monday Class - 5PM

Arreola, Daniel A 109689 Canizales, Christian E 107134 Diaz Pavon, Santiago 109664 Diaz, Alexander J 109164 Gallego-Ortega, Efrain 109107 Gaona, Luis A 109693 Garcia, Max 108877 Hernandez Torres, Esa 109480 Hernandez, Elvis D 109554 Jones, Nora E 109697 Lomeli, Kody 107142 Lopez, Vincent M 109273 Loureiro, Vicente A 109094 Lua, Eric E 108873 Martinez, Rafael R 107122 Melgar, Miguel H 109469 Velasquez, Lino M 109622 Zazueta, Alberto Z 109597

Wednesday Class - 5PM

Barrientez, Steve 109628 Diaz Pavon, Gerardo A 109663 Flanagan, John L 109194 Frias, Fredy King, Tiffaney M 109530 Martinez, Hilario 109478 Medina JR, Adrian 109272 Morgan, Tom E 107632 Peraza, Vicente 109701 Quesada, Bryan R 109464 Reyes, Daniel J 109514 Rivera, Julio C 109655 Rodriguez, Mike A 109486 Rosales, Vincent P 107144 Salinas, Jessy 109649 Taylor, Jaquonah K 109536 Thompson, Anthony L 108473 Valdez Quijano, Jonath 109543 Villalobos, David 105661