Advance Apprentice class

Greetings Students,

Make sure to have your JATC student email setup as that will be the main way I will communicate information relating to the class. Other items to have ready would be your blended learning account setup before Monday, August 17th and zoom as that will be the platform we will use.

I will email the classroom link to your student email. If you run into any issues with your student email or blended learning contact the JATC for assistance. Do not wait to have these issues resolve as they might cause you to loose a day due to technical issues.


Advance Apprentice class school dates

Greetings students,

Class begins Monday August 17th at 5 pm. Our scheduled class nights are Mondays and Wednesdays. When you login and the screen says waiting for host that will be normal till I start the session. Look forward to meeting all of you soon.


Class work for 8/17 to 8/19

Greetings all,

Read chapter 2 in the DC theory book. Blended learning assignments are 1 and 2.

Juan Z

Homework for WED 8/26/20

Finish lessons 6. Complete lessons 7 and 8. They will be review for Wednesdays class session.

Student emails

I noticed that I m missing some student email from certain people. I sent out an email that had some instructions. If you did not see an email from me than Im missing your student email and you will not get a copy of the quiz. Make sure to send me an email by Monday before class to get the link for the test. If you have any questions contact me threw email and I will get back to you. Thank you.

Homework for WED 9/16/20

Read chapter 4 in the DC theory book and complete lessons 1 and 2 in blended learning DC theory level 2 section.

Google classroom app

Make sure to have the google classroom app installed in and working on your devices. In the future that will be how we will complete more test and classroom work.

Homework for WED 9/23/20

Homework due for that class is have lesson 4 and 5 complete. Read chapter 5 and work on lesson's 1, and 2 on DC theory level III.

Homework for MON 10/12/20

Make sure to have lesson 5 done for Monday on DC theory level III. After that read AC theory chapters 1 and 2. We will start AC theory next week so be prepared.

Homework for MON 10/19/20

Read AC theory chapter 13 and complete lessons 6 and 7 on level 3 of the AC theory in blended learning .

Homework for MON 10/21/20

Complete lesson 7 in AC theory level 3. Start level 1 lesson 1 in AC theory based off of chapter 3 and 4

Homework for MON 10/26/20

AC theory level 1 lesson 1 is due on Monday. Its based off of chapters 3 and 4. Also prepare for the DC parallel quiz on Wednesday.

Homework for WED 11/4/20

Read chapter 5 in the AC theory book. Than complete AC theory level 1 lesson 4 in blended learning . Also make sure to study for your test on Monday.

Homework for Wed 11/4/20

Read chapter 5 in the AC theory book. Complete Level 1 lesson 4 in the blended learning.

Class return date for 2021

Class will resume Jan 18th 2021. Same Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm. You will need your conduit bending book. Its the Third edition electricians guide to conduit bending. You will also need the NJATC mathematics work book. If you have any questions please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Homework for WED 1/20/2021

Read chapters 2 and 3 in the conduit bending book as well as look over lesson 1 in the math workbook .

Homework for MON 1/25/21

Homework for the weekend is read chapters 2,3, and 4 in the conduit bending book. The other thing to work on is complete lesson 1 questions 1-14 in the math work book.

Homework for MON 2/22/21

Homework due Monday 2/22/21 is lesson 3 questions 5 threw 11 in the math book.