ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fall 2022 semester will begin the week of August 15th, 2022. All school notifications will be sent to student emails only for the upcoming Fall 2022 semester. If you do not have access to your student email please click the link to the right "CW Student Email/Reset." **STUDENT EMAILS ARE REQUIRED**

Visit your instructor's page for more class information by clicking the "Instructor Class Pages" link to the right, or by going to the "Instructors" tab. Please email your instructor for more class information using your student email.

Any questions or assistance: email or call 909-890-1703

CW Application

To apply as a CW, please contact either local union #440 (Riverside) or #477 (San Bernardino). Their websites are located on the home page.

CW/CE Upgrades

If you qualify for an upgrade please contact your local union hall with proof of hours and must be in good standing with IEETC.