Message to Students

I will update the syllabus after this week to reflect current school days and assignments. Check for updates.

Beggining Tuesday, 3/24/20 all students need to login to Zoom by 5;15 p.m., every Tuesday & Thursday.


Due: Tues Apr 7th
Lesson 8-4 Feeders and Outside Branch circuits Lesson 8-5 Services

Due: Thur Apr 9th
Lesson 8-6 Switches,Receptacles, and Luminaires Test 8

Thurs April 9th

  1. First we will log onto zoom meeting tonight for class
  2. Then we will go to Blended learning for our test

Due: Tues Apr 14th
Lesson 9-1 conduit and raceway basics 9-2 NEC Requirements for Cable Assemblies

Due: Thur Apr 16th
Lesson 9-3 General Requirements for wire methods, 9-4 Conduit for General Wiring

Due: Tue Apr 21
9-5 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing 9-6 Liquidtight flexible conduit Test 9

Due: Thu Apr 23
10-1 Beginning to calculate cond. ampacity 10-2 Determining Conductor Ampacity

Due: Apr 28th
10-3 finalizing ampacity calculations 10-4 Identify boxes and fittings

Due: Apr 30th
10-5 performing box size and fill calcs 10-6 calculating raceway fill Test 10

Due: May 5th
11-1 magnetism and electromagnetism 11-2 Transformer operations

Due: May 7th
11-3 Transformer connections 11-4 Real world transformer connections

Due: May 12th
11-5 harmonics 11-6 power generation and distribution Test 11

May 14th
Last night of school