Week of Sept 21st-24th

For those of you that attended the harassment with Laura I hope that you guys took some good info away from her. I am now done with my shutdown and class will start every day at 5. Look at your class day to see what we will be doing for the night. For those of you that have not gotten your school email please do so. The more people I have to email every day the longer it will take for us to get started.

Message to all my students

We are now on are 7th week of school and there are still some of you that don't have a school email. I need you to get them ASAP. As we continue this semester I would like to get to a point where I don't have to send out 10 different email's every day. You need to look at the website and follow the first page you come to student passwords.

All classes

I know that before we left for break I told everyone that classes would start this week. School has been pushed back a week. All classes will start on there original class night.