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lessons and material for remaining classes
Students, be sure to check my instructors page frequently for the new assignments that I will be posting. I am working with our office to get all of you enrolled into 5th year courses on blended learning. Please be sure to update your contact information including current email address, it is very important now more than ever that we can communicate using these platforms.
Students, all of you have access to some new material on blended learning. your assignment for 3-26 class work is: Orientation level # 3 lesson 1 & lesson 2. Be sure to put some thought into your answers in lesson 2. I want to hear your input as a 5th year student. Homework for the weekend will be lessons 3 & 4 due by the start of class on Tuesday 3-31. your assignments are your attendance. if not completed by the due date it will count as an absence.
Remind app
I would like to use the Remind App to send updates to you via text. follow these instructions to join the class. send text to this # 81010 in the message type @alvas5 then hit send. this will stream line getting you updates as we go forward.
Continue working on the Orientation lessons 5&6 this will cover class and homework for Tuesday. I will post the next lesson on Thursday. I still don't have the entire class on the remind app. we update contact info every semester and this is the reason why. I have reached out to everyone through email and text, so their is no excuse for assignments not being completed. please reach out to others in class to make sure they dont fall behind with class work. thank you!
classwork & homework
For Tuesday 4-7 complete Orientation level 3 lessons 7 classwork and 8 for homework. for Thursday 4-9 we will be doing torque lesson 1 for classwork and lesson 2 for homework.
if anyone is having trouble with your blended learning login, you need to email Karen directly.