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4/2/2020 Call Recap
3/31/2020 Call Recap
Message To Students
Google Class Code 4/5/2020 2:30pm
Google Class Code Sent
Test tomorrow, 4/14/2020 @ 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Chapter 8 test, this also counts as attendance and is due to me at 7:30 p.m. If you can not get in to the google answer form to input your answers then please "mark up" the test doc and send it to me. The assignment will be shared right at 5 pm tomorrow. No need to login to Zoom 4/14/2020. **I am available for questions today up until test time tomorrow** Chris Vanderkallen
4/16/2020 Class
Review chapter 9 quiz. 5 PM Zoom meeting. Happy Cinco de Mayo.
5/7/2020 @ 5:00 Test on Google Classroom
5/12/2020 Zoom Meeting Ch 9 Test Review