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4/2/2020 Call Recap
8/3 Code Calc 1 Due 4/7/2020 @ 5:00pm
NEC 2017 Article 100, 210 and 406
Electric Systems Ch 1,2 and 10
Max Voltage 600V for cord and plug
Max Voltage for luminaires 277V to ground
Min number of receptacles required within 18" of a show window with horizontal measurement 12' center receptacle:
ex: window 33'
33'/12'=2.75' (3 rec)
ex: window 26'
26'/12'=2.167' (2 rec)

We will be using Google Classroom for Quiz and Tests starting on Tuesday 4/7/2020. Please be prompt and prepared to login. I am emailing you your login. Reach out to me by 4/6/2020 7:00 pm if you are unable to login so I can get you help if needed.

Login will be example:

This will be linked to a gmail account through the school. It will also have a password in the email.
3/31/2020 Call Recap
I apologize for the delay and the call being cutoff. We are all learning this new way of life and in this together.

As a recap I am reviewing your homework that was due today at 5:00. I have assigned your next homework lesson 8-1 and 8-2. I sent you formulas to follow up on. We will touch base again Thursday on zoom same login.

Call from Phone or PC:
Meeting ID 454 924 899
Password 285607

Available anytime for you!
Message To Students
Students to follow syllabus
3/24/2020 Tues HW Ch 8-4 and 8-5
3/26/2020 Thur HW Ch 8-6

3/24/2020 4:39 From CV :
If you have not already done 8-1, 8-2, 8-3 and want to get ahead we will be working on this next. Yes we are going out of order.

Hope you are all well.
We will be using the Zoom app for our instruction. Please keep your eyes open for an email invite with link and access information in the coming days. I will be expecting you to be logged in to zoom and we will work together. This will also show your attendance.

Reach out with any questions. I am sending a group text this evening.

Google Class Code 4/5/2020 2:30pm
Emails were sent last Thursday for your access and I will send the class code via email today before 5:00. Reach to me before anyone else with issues and I will direct you next steps.

Google Class Code Sent
Check your email for class schedule this week and which tools we will be using at what times.
Zoom meeting at 5:00 PM. Quiz review. Stay safe, wash your hands and don't touch your face.